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Baptism On Cane River
by Clementine Hunter

I collect the artwork of Clementine Hunter - the descendant of slaves, she created vibrant paintings that depict life on Louisiana's Melrose Plantation. Now her works are available on these hand-painted ceramic plates. (I have this very painting at home.)
- Oprah

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Introducing the Clementine Hunter Collection of hand-painted ceramic serving platters and bowls. Each piece depicts everyday plantation life in the rural South prior to mechanization coming to agriculture. Clementine Hunter is Louisiana's most famous artist. Additionally, we feature giclee canvas art, museum quality reproductions, from some of the most famous American folk artists including: Clementine Hunter, Howard Finster, Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Mary Klein, Malcah Zeldis, “Uncle Jack” Dey, Rev. B. F. Perkins, Toby Hollinghead, Bernice Sims, and “Chief” Willey. Many of these artists are recognized in the Smithsonian Institution and many other major museums and private collections around the world. With every purchase made, a percentage of the proceeds of each sale goes to the artist or his/ her estate.