The Story

Doug Gitter began collecting contemporary American Folk art when he was twenty-three years old and over the last twenty-five years he has cultivated close and rewarding relationships with many of the artists, several of whom are now recognized in the Smithsonian Institution and The American Folk Art Museum in New York. Doug treasures the time he has spent with these these self-taught artists. Most of their work came from the heart and I was really moved by it. Traveling to visit the artists reached national acclaim when a reviewer of his collection claimed, "Doug Gitter collects some of the best folk and primitive art in the South." (Southern Living Magazine, July 1995). Doug, an attorney and former restauranteur, owned Doug's Place in New Orleans, the first two restaurants in America which combined folk art with dining prior to the creation of The House of Blues. Doug created Gitter Gallery because he wanted to share his love of the genre with others. Recently, he designed a new line called the Clementine Hunter Collection which features hand-painted ceramic serving platters and bowls. Each piece depicts what everyday plantation life was like in the rural south prior to mechanization coming to agriculture. According to Doug, I wanted to take artwork which was once very affordable and make it affordable again so that others could enjoy a piece of American history which has since disappeared. In addition, Doug developed a line of giclee canvas art, museum quality reproductions, featuring the artwork of some of America's most famous folk artists. Gitter Gallery's collection is merchandised through specialty retailers, department stores, jewelry stores, retail stores, local gift boutiques, and our website. With every purchase made, a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to the artist or his/her estate.

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