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Baptism On Cane River
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Baptism On Cane River
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I collect the artwork of Clementine Hunter - the descendant of slaves, she created vibrant paintings that depict life on Louisiana's Melrose Plantation. Now her works are available on these hand-painted ceramic plates. (I have this very painting at home.)
- Oprah

Baptism On Cane River

by Clementine Hunter

Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 2.5"


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Clementine Hunter captures the ritual of baptizing new church members in the Cane River. Here Clementine Hunter depicts the local Catholic Church in the background with the Baptist tradition of immersion. This was always a joyous time for young and old. Baptizing in the Cane River is a community tradition in Natchitoches, Louisiana. This event is typical of the paintings Clementine did documenting life on a rural plantation in central Louisiana in the first half of the twentieth century. Each ceramic is hand-painted and no two are exactly alike. Each piece has its own distinctive shape whose textured surface allows you to feel the passion in her work. With each piece purchased, a percentage of the proceeds goes back to Clementine Hunter's estate to further promote Clementine Hunter.